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Gold Pouches & Temper Evident Bags
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Aspiring to meet all requirements

There’s an incredible and surprising array of benefits our window films provide to any building, whether it’s the largest skyscraper in your city, or the smallest home on your street.

1.  Residential

Beauty, safety, and energy savings. It’s amazing what a thin layer of film can do for your home. Saleece window film is offered in a variety of styles and hues, giving you the freedom to design as bold or as subtle as you’d like. Depending on your climate zone, some Saleece films may even qualify for a residential federal tax credit.

Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Saleece films can keep out up to 86% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs.

Extend the life of valuable furnishings
The sun can take a costly toll on your fabrics, furniture, flooring and art. Saleece window films block out up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your furnishings, and keeping them looking new for years to come..
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2.   Commercial

Installing Saleece Window film is a smart way to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Our products are designed to help facility owners cost-effectively conserve energy, increase building safety, enhance occupant comfort, and reduce monthly heating and cooling costs.

Big energy savings

Watch the numbers drop on those HVAC costs with Saleece films. Saleece window films can keep out up to 86% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs. They may also help you attain LEED credits, getting your building closer to certification.

More comfortable work environment

Saleece films also help regulate the temperature disparity between the sunny and the shady areas of your building. Offices stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, all of which makes your employees more comfortable.

Reduced glare
Glare causes eye fatigue and lower productivity. Drawing curtains or closing blinds is a claustrophobic approach at best, and it drives up the bill for artificial lighting. Saleece films let in the light but not the glare, helping to maintain an “open” feeling.

Protection from fading
The fading caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays wreaks havoc on interior furnishings and merchandise, shortening their shelf life. Saleece films screen almost 100% of those harmful rays, potentially saving thousands in replacement costs.

Increased safety
Splintered, flying glass is one of the dangerous consequences of, both natural and man-made, disasters. Saleece films are specifically designed to hold broken glass in place, lessening the chance of injury and property damage. It also makes forced entry more difficult for would-be vandals and burglars, which is especially important for retail establishments.

Enhance your building’s appearance
Saleece films make building exteriors more attractive by eliminating visual clutter and creating a uniform appearance.
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3.   View Control Film

The View Control Film line includes some of our most versatile products.  The line offers many distinct benefits wherever it’s applied, such as a unique, fashionable look, UV protection, even protection from shattering glass. But the most impressive benefit of Decolite® and Lumisty® is that they give you the ability to dictate what can and cannot be seen.

Decolite film employs translucent geometric and custom patterns to heighten privacy and provide the appearance of etched glass. Decolite is used to enhance the decor of a room, complementing furniture, artwork, or the architecture. This innovative product comes in a variety of patterns, enabling custom designing. With Decolite, you can also achieve the effects of designer etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

Lumisty is helping drive Saleece’s foray into the high-design community. Lumisty empowers architects to leverage glass and light to affect the ambiance and mood of their designs. For these reasons, Lumisty is quickly emerging as a central design element for many of the world’s most contemporary lounges, restaurants, hotels, museums and even homes, but the applications for this material are virtually limitless. Lumisty is available in three versions, each with different transparent-to-translucent formats. Request a free sample.
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4.  SunScape Select

Dramatic, natural light – in every season. It warms your living space and illuminates your treasured furnishings. But beauty has its price. The very same sunlight that pours through your windows also plays a major role in fading your furniture, artwork, drapes and even flooring.
Fortunately, SunScape Select window films block nearly 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays, allowing you to protect your precious interior while reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. Saleece’s wide variety of SunScape Select window films ensure that there is a color and style for every home’s unique design. And because all our dealers are carefully selected by Saleece, we guarantee that every job will be completed to the most exacting standards.
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