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Gold Pouches & Temper Evident Bags
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Armored Car

As the most famous and most experienced wheeled vehicle armoring company in the China, Saleece currently serves a wide range of commercial, corporate, government and military customers worldwide. Our customers include government agencies, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), law enforcement agencies, as well as private individuals around the globe. As part of its relationship with OEMs, Saleece functions as the exclusive armorer to several major manufacturers.

Saleece strives for excellence in the design and development of armored vehicles, the selection and strengthening of chassis, the sophisticated application of lightweight ballistic materials such as glass clad polycarbonate, armor steel, UD, aramid, ceramics or their composites conforming to CEN, NIJ and UL standards. Saleece is not simply a vehicle converter but also a dedicated specialist in integrating armor materials and protective systems into vehicles.

At Saleece different groups of skilled craftsmen carry out manufacturing at the highest level: designers, welders, bodywork engineers, electronics specialists, leather-workers and painters. Our employees have dedicated their time to perfecting their craft and are among the very best in their professions. Our regular inspections and certified production procedures ensure that your quality expectations from Saleece are met at a world-class level. – Day in, day out.

Expertise on vehicle security, Saleece armoring protection is solid and reliable but also light and flexible with lightweight modular armoring kits for custom up-armoring of military or civilian vehicle by quick installation.

Leaning on rich experience in security fields, Saleece also we supply various ballistic protection and security products to satisfy the security demands from our clients in maximum degree.

  • Saleece Bulletproof Protective Accessories
    Bullet resistant glazing, ballistic materials, bulletproof vest, ballistic helmet shield, bomb blanket, etc.

    If you can't find what you need in above products, just feel free to contact us.
    We'll provide custom-made proposal for you.