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Gold Pouches & Temper Evident Bags
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Aspiring to meet all requirements
Products Range

Multi-purpose Seals, Plastic Seals, Self adhesive Seals, Cargo Truck Seals, Custom made Seals etc

Tamper Evident Envelopes, Caps, Bags, Bottles, Cash Boxes etc

Our Products features

We offer our clients with customized solutions as per the detailed specification made by them.

Our security seals undergo a LASER MARKING process that offers UNIQUE personalisation and BRANDING i.e. company logos, serial numbers etc. This makes it virtually impossible to forge or copy versus traditional hot foil printing methods.

We are the local manufacturers of innovative security seals, offering unique features that provide GENUINE Solutions. Every seal has its own applications, key features, specifications, dimensions ets.

Large volumes of stock are always available due to our huge production capacity.

Able to supply Nationally and Internationally.