Saleece Group Team Members

Originally from Tanzania, Mr. Murtaza Ali hails from the United Kingdom where he was brought up and educated. Having established several Businesses in London, he arrived Pakistan where he formed various Strategic Business Units and established a much bigger Saleece Group. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, he is in charge of this Group.

Mr. Murtaza Ali believes that every job is a self-portrait of the person who carried it out – “So, autograph your work with excellence”, he advises.

2. Mr. Mehboob A Malik-Director
Mr. Mehboob Ahmed, improves the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission. He is responsible of local and international operations of the Group. Also, he manages and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services, through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between support and operation functions. He engages and works with Engineering Professionals who are charged with producing timely and high quality technical  work. 
3. Mr. Taha Rizvi - GM Marketing
Dynamic GM Marketing, Mr Taha Rizvi, has over 6 years of success generating experience. He is capable of executing innovative ideas to continually expand the market shares of Saleece Group. He formulates business strategies, manages and leads his Business Development Team with implementing the strategic plans proficiently.

According to him, “ My Business Development Team is the core strength of Saleece Group”

4. Mr. Rabnawaz-Manager Operations
With more than 26 years of experience in defense forces and operations, Mr. Rabnawaz is the incharge of managing and coordinating with more than 135 people related to the operations staff and Engineers throughout the country. 

With the security and Engineering background, he is responsible to execute and complete all the company projects to other institutional and corporate clients.

5. Mr. Asad Iqbal-Manager Admin / OPS
Mr. Asad Iqbal, served for 8 years in Administration, also manages Human Resource activities and administers logistics. She supervises and manages HR team through maintaining administrative staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees. She is responsible to maintain a safe and secure work environment and develop personal growth opportunities whilst maintaing high morale of the employees.
6. Mr. Musa-GM Finance
Mr. Musa, (Finance Management), is in charge for day to day operations of the financial department. In addition to that, he oversees the accountancy software including Quick Books and SAP. 

With eight years of working experience, he is responsible for Enterprise Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Accounts, Maintaining Vendors and Clients Accounts, Reconciliation of Banks and Company Accounts, Generates and Maintains Purchase and Work Orders & Asset Management.

7.Mr. Abid Lodhi-Telecom/IT Engineer
Mr. Abid Lodhi, BS in Telecom Engineering, oversees the deployment and enhancement of telecommunications-related hardware and services. With the experience of working with various telecommunication providers and understanding the complexities of broadband services, he provisions circuits and other telecom-provided services. 

He can diagnose telecommunication problems to their sources and also responsible to manage telecommunication group in support of infrastructure systems including disaster recovery capabilities.


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