• Saleece International replaced T- Walls and Alaska Barriers with Anti Blast Walls.


  • Anti Blast walls withstand powerful blasts and counter threats


  • It provides protection from extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack to sites where aesthetics are a consideration.
  • Anti-Blast Walls with improved strength and protection are especially designed to take the float upward of 400-600 Kg Blast.


  • According to security experts, 5 ton protection mass of Anti Blast Walls is required to withstand the explosive of 250 kg. Therefore following weights are available: 
  • 9M Ton (resists up to 400 Kg) 
  • 14M Ton (resists up to 700 Kg) 
  • 25M Ton (resists up to 1000 Kg) 

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