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Hand Held Metal Detector
Letter Bomb Detector 
Handheld Detector

It is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic conveyor zed X-ray system designed to inspect briefcases, purses, cameras, laptops, backpacks, shoes, mailbags, bins and parcels.

It reveals components of a gun, knife, narcotics in bottle, and bomb in real time, without lags and delays.  Also, it displays contents at Pentium 4 resolution automatically and without distortion.


Ideal for use at:

  •  Corporate Facilities
  •  Embassies
  •  Government Buildings
  •  Airports
  •  Military Bases, etc

Walk Through gates shows the location of targeted objects, multi zone detection increases other aspects of screening efficiency. It provides discrimination between weapon and harmless objects reduces unwanted alarms and permits high traffic flow rates in high traffic locations



  • Hand Held metal detector is especially designed for weapon screening and loss prevention.
  • Detection and alarming takes place when the instrument is passed in close proximity to metal objects.
  • Any customer or person might be carrying a knife or a gun to inflict injury to anyone, therefore to guarantee the safety, each person has to be scanned for illegal arms and ammunition with hand held metal detectors.



Reliably scans letters and packages for mail bomb components

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Automatic Verification
  • Ignores harmless stationery items
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Portable



This handheld detector boasts a 3.5-in. display and is able to analyze vapors and particles in an effort to detect explosives, narcotics, chemical warfare agents, and toxic industrial chemicals. It weighs 7 lb. and has a four-hour battery life.

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