Duo Safe Security Bags

Self-adhesive sealing
  • Our new Double Layer Smart Security Bags “Duo Safe”adopts a self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting seal.  Level- 4 Security Tape is used. which has strong adhesion, and the glue can withstand high and low temperatures, and is not easy to be opened illegally. Once the security and anti-counterfeiting plastic bag is opened and the characters are uncovered, the anti-counterfeiting fonts, characters and patterns will appear! Play the role of anti-disclosure, warning, and voucher.

1.Handwriting layer key mark

  • The security bag can be processed by printing and writing layers for signing and writing. lt is convenient to fill in the receipt or document information on the sealed bag

2.Temperature change ink, multiple anti-counterfeiting

  • The anti-counterfeiting LEVEL 4 Security part of the temperature-changing ink will turn red when it en-counters an external high temperature of up to 65°C and cannot be restored. In addition, when the ink meets water, the ink will be dissolved by water

3.Personalized customization, brand communication

  • Printed trademarks or patterns and brand publicity information on the bag to quickly expand your brand influence

4.Unique bar-code, easy query

  • Each bag can be printed with a unique serial number and bar-code, easy to tear, used to track products and stubs, and track goods through the single number

5.Wide application industry

  • Widely used in banks, Gold & Jewelry, Cash & Coins, Evidence bags for Guns, Drugs and other High value items. Uses: hospitals, governments, police stations hotels, supermarkets, airport duty-free shops, express logistic and transportation


  • Thickness:50micro-200micro
  • 100% recyclable and environment–friendly materials

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