Blast Mitigation Film

  • SafetyShield films and proprietary Anchoring Restraint Systems reduce the risk of death, personal injury, and property damage and loss caused by acts of terror, civil unrest, industrial explosions, or natural disasters. These well-engineered safety & security products provide 24/7 passive protection that can be relied on the instant a threat occurs, substantially improving security for all buildings. SafetyShield, a protective film that reduces the risk of glass breakage, is installed only by certified Premier Partners who have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the film and anchoring systems.
  • SafetyShield film products are available in a range of thicknesses to meet every unique threat level. Solar control options are also available to provide complete protection to occupants. SafetyShield films are sold and installed through certified SafetyShield Premier Partners who will be able to suggest the best film and attachment system to meet your specific threat.
SafetyShield Anchoring Systems
  • There are four different patented and proprietary Anchoring Restraint System solutions available – each with its own level of performance. Our highly-trained Premier Partners will work with you to select the appropriate Anchoring Restraint System, in conjunction with the application of our safety film, to meet your specific criteria and threat concern.

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