Model Number: Labels

Security labels or stickers provide an anti-tamper seal for file cabinets, doors, windows, equipment, boxes, and many other
containers. All of our security labels have pressure-sensitive adhesive — just peel and stick..

Applications :

1. See the product listing below for all of our security
labels, which are offered in both stock and
customized versions.
2. Conventional Security Labels — When removed to
self-destruct, leaving words (OPENED, VOID, etc.)
or symbols in the security label and a similar
pattern of adhesive residue on the surface.
3. Low Residue Security Labels — When removed will
show words in the label film (OPENED, VOID,
etc.), but leaves no adhesive residue on the affixed
4. Fragment able Labels — When removed the label
will tear or break to show a “broken seal”.

1. Protect Your Products and Equipment
2. Control Access to Files, Doors, & Containers
3. Indicates Tampering or Pilfering

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